Sunday 16 December 2018

What's happened to you, Mary Lou?

WELL hello Mary Lou, we're so in love, not with you, but with your make-up artist. Yes, the poster girl of Sinn Fein is looking so remarkably fresh-faced and wrinkle-free in election posters that it's sure to trigger a flurry of inquiries from style-conscious women.

And would-be voters in Dublin Central have certainly taken note of Mary Lou's eye-catching posters, which provide a pleasing vista from every lamppost.

It might be a tad cheeky to suggest, but this formidable politician appears to have discovered the secret of time-travel.

First, there's the streamlined silhouette, the cutting-edge cropped hair style -- a big difference to the more casual bob she favours in TV appearances. Then there's the youthful, unlined complexion that would make a teenager weep with jealousy.

She's 41, a mother of two, a high-profile politician and possessed of more beauty than the average woman. So the notion that she might have received a helping hand in her election posters might provide some cheer for the mere mortal.

But if this look is based on nothing more than good lighting and a great moisturiser, Sinn Fein's press office are keeping tight-lipped about it.

It was said that Helen of Troy was the face that launched a thousand ships. And with this remarkable photograph, Mary-Lou's could be the face that launches several thousand Sinn Fein votes.

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