Monday 10 December 2018

What's Browne, black and grey?

VINCENT BROWNE has used the General Election to get back to black.

It's just a pity it seems the cash-strapped 67-year-old political heavyweight didn't hire a professional to do the job.

Browne, who was famously caricatured as a grumpy hairdresser -- Vincenzo -- apparently never got the memo that when it comes to your hair, the natural look is always best.

Maybe it's got something to do with trying to keep up with the kids, as he's now up against RTE's new show Eleventh Hour in a late-night ratings war.

As both political programmes race to give viewers the best, hard-hitting coverage on the upcoming election, Browne is so determined to surpass his rivals that he took to the bottle ... of hair dye.

With a team of style experts around him in TV3, Browne looks to have ignored their advice and done a half-cocked job himself, leaving lots of grey still on show.


As our pictures show, he is first seen here in 2009 with his trademark wild, white locks and typically drab suit.

But last month, he showed off a new side, debuting his new darker locks and a sleek, pinstriped black suit.

And while he has never been considered one of the country's premier style icons, he is taking the battle for the ratings far beyond the show's content, agreeing to a mini makeover.

But it's not just his physical appearance that he is focusing on these days -- the respected broadcaster has joined the 5.30pm news team to offer his opinions of the day.


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