Thursday 18 January 2018

What you now have to pay as fare hikes hit

COMMUTERS face a raft of fare hikes across Dublin city and beyond which will click into place today.

The longest Dublin Bus journey, which used to cost €2.65, will now cost €2.80.

And the short trips for adults which came in at €1.40 earlier this year will now set you back €1.65.

Prepaid ticket holders will be particularly stung by the changes. The 10 journey 90 minute ticket is now €25.10 -- a huge leap from €21.50.

The increase was brought into play after it was approved by the National Transport Authority.


Dublin Bus said that the increase was to counteract its "challenging financial position due to the ongoing effects of the recession, increased unemployment and reduced consumer expenditure".

"Despite the intensive efforts at reducing costs, Dublin Bus is incurring additional costs and loss of revenue of approximately €13m in 2012 and a further €7.5m in 2013 as a result of a reduction in subvention, increased fuel costs, loss of advertising revenue due to the depressed advertising market and integrated ticketing costs," a representative told the Herald.

Dublin Bus is progressing the company's plan to further reduce costs.

"The ongoing cost reduction programme combined with an increase in fares will be the main platform for ensuring that Dublin Bus returns to profitability by 2014."

Other means of transport within the city centre all face a price jump in the coming weeks.

Luas journeys within three zones will rise from the €2.00 fare to €2.05 and four zones from €2.15 to €2.25 in 2013 on the red line.

This applies to those who are using a Luas SmartCard or Leap Card.

But those who buy single tickets will see a 10c increase on more than two zone journeys.

Meanwhile the only increase on the green line Luas is a 5c increase on a two zone journey with a Leap card.

Some Luas fares will be unchanged, though others will increase by up to 5.7pc.

There is a notable increase on seven day and 30 day tickets which have jumped from €50.50 to €52.50 for one zone tickets and €88.50 to €90 for five zone tickets.

And on Iarnrod Eireann, Dublin commuter cash fares will see the highest increase on short journeys, as fares will go from €1.50 to €1.70, with the increase lower as fares become higher.

The increase represents between 9.1pc and 14pc jump, while inter-city fares will be adjusted by between 0.9pc and 3.9pc increase.

Bus Eireann fares will increase by an average of about 6pc, though no such increase will apply to those using Leap cards when the cards become available for use on services in early 2013.


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