Saturday 18 November 2017

What do you think? 'It's a real Dublin thing, a landmark for tourists'

Margaret Daly (65) Cabra.
Margaret Daly (65) Cabra.
George Smith (44) Crumlin Village.
Terry McKeogh (66) Cabra West.
Liam Leech (30) Swords.

We took to the streets of Dublin to ask people what they thought of Liberty Hall, one of the city's most recognisable sights

Margaret  Daly  (65), Co Meath

“I think it’s a lovely building. I hope everybody is working hard to keep it that way. It’s a real Dublin thing. I’m born and reared in Dublin. It’s a landmark for tourists and the likes. That massive big glass building that sticks up into the sky. I’m older than it.”


George  Smith (44) Crumlin Village

George  Smith.jpg
George Smith (44) Crumlin Village.

“I’d have mixed feelings about  ... it doesn’t look very nice to me. It’s a bit of an ugly building, but I think there’s a lot of history to it and it’s a landmark building at the same time. It’s very visible. It’s not the best looking, but you notice it. It is a landmark.”


Terry  McKeogh (66), Cabra West

Terry  McKeogh .jpg
Terry McKeogh (66) Cabra West.

“I never liked it from the beginning because  there’s too much glass. It’s like a glass cage, a glass box. Could have done it better. It hasn’t grown on me.”


Karry  Fuery (25), Clontarf


“It’s pretty hideous, but Dublin wouldn’t be same without it. It’s not in the best of shape, much like the rest of Dublin. But it reminds me of Dublin, it’s something I associate with Dublin. I’ve grown  up with it.”


Liam  Leech (30), Swords 

Liam  Leech .jpg
Liam Leech (30) Swords.

"It's a bit dated. I think it's a landmark because it is the first thing you see when you get off the train. It was one of the tallest buildings in Dublin as well. I'm used to it, I grew up with it."


Anna  Chaolewa (32), Christchurch


“I work in George’s Quay and am looking at it every day, but I like looking at it. It looks like it’s abandoned. I’d like to see it renovated. I see loads of tourists looking at it every day. It’s a great spot for banner campaigns.”

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