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Wet weather will continue into next week

IT'S almost April – but wintry weather is set to continue into next week.

A rainfall warning has been issued for Leinster, with further heavy downpours expected overnight.

The showers were expected to turn to sleet and snow on higher ground, Met Eireann has warned.

"With river levels high and melting snow, the flood risk continues across the country," forecaster Siobhan Ryan said.

More than an inch of rain came down across most regions in the 24 hours up to last night.

"All the signs are for very cold weather as we head into the new week," Ms Ryan said.

While the weather will be dry and bright during the day next week, the nights will be extremely frosty.

Met Eireann put in place a 'status yellow' warning for Leinster, including the Dublin region, to highlight the risk of flooding.

A similar warning was issued for Cavan, Monaghan and Donegal in relation to the probability of sleet and snow.

Blizzard-like conditions were expected forecast for Ulster.

Met Eireann said tomorrow will be bright and mostly dry, with some sunny spells.

From Monday to Wednesday, it will be mostly dry, apart from a scattered wintry showers on coastal areas in the east.

It will stay very cold, with temperatures ranging from 3C to 5C.

The nights will be extremely cold, with widespread frosts accompanying sub-zero temperatures.