Friday 6 December 2019

West Dublin: apartments close to housing homeless families


Discussions to house homeless families in apartments in Tallaght are at a final stage.

The news comes as latest figures show that in January 780 homeless children were in emergency accommodation, including hotels, in Dublin.

The apartments identified for some of these families are in the Tallaght Cross complex.

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Last week, a number of Dublin city councillors visited homeless facilities in the capital and were told about the Tallaght plan by the Dublin Region Homeless Executive (DRHE).

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"From a meeting last Friday we were led to believe that these apartments in Tallaght Cross have been identified and would be ideal for use as accommodation to alleviate the homeless crisis for families and other," said Independent councillor Mannix Flynn, who was on the visit.

"They were much more favoured than a hotel, which has been deemed highly inappropriate for families, particularly with regards to children.

"All that was to be ironed was technical detail and the consent from the Department of Environment," he added.

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The DRHE told the Herald that talks were on-going in relation to the Tallaght Cross plan.

"We are continuing to pursue the feasibility of accommodating a number of families within the apartment complex outlined, this is being considered within the region with the Dublin local authorities, the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government and NAMA," said a spokeswoman.

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The news comes after Minister Alan Kelly announced last December that a hotel, under the control of Nama, would be used to house the city's homeless families.

The Department of the Environment, when asked for a comment said, "this is a matter for the Dublin Regional Homelessness Executive and South Dublin County Council."

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South Dublin County Council said the units were a matter of discussion between Nama and the receiver for the Tallaght development.

A representative for Nama said they did not wish to make a comment on the plan.

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