Saturday 16 December 2017

'We're living a nightmare', says sister of 'Gentle Giant' gunned down in his home

Tom Farnan was shot dead on his doorstep in April last year
Tom Farnan was shot dead on his doorstep in April last year

The sister of a Dublin man gunned down on his doorstep last year has said he was on the phone to his mother when the assassin struck.

'Gentle Giant' Tom Farnan (37) was fatally shot after he answered his front door in Kilcronan Close, Clondalkin, West Dublin, in April 2016.

Speaking yesterday, his younger sister Jenny Farnan said the family is living in constant pain not knowing who killed Mr Farnan.


"Our family has been left devastated for the past year. Nothing has changed. We're still living the nightmare as badly as the day it happened."

Earlier this week, gardai renewed an appeal asking anyone with any information about the shooting to come forward.

The father-of-one had a number of convictions for minor offences but his heartbroken family has insisted he was not involved in organised crime or gangland feuding.

"I don't know why anyone would do this to Tom. He had turned his life around and was trying to build a relationship with his son," Ms Farnan said.

She added that her mum is living in fear not knowing who killed him.

"My mum can't go to the shop because she's afraid the person who did this to her will be standing next to her.

"She hasn't slept properly one night since. Her health is deteriorating every day."

She said her brother was on the phone to their mother when he was gunned down.

"He was talking to her on the phone and he said 'hold on ma, there's someone at the door' and that was the least thing she heard from him. She could hear him being shot on the other end of the phone."

The first anniversary of Mr Farnan's death recently passed, and the family is calling for justice.

"We want justice for Tom. We want someone brought to justice for this senseless murder.

"Tom wasn't an angel, but he was turning his life around. He didn't deserve this."

She also said that Mr Farnan's 17-year-old son is not coping very well.


"The whole year has gone by and nothing has changed. None of us are coping. Tom is never coming back."

The bereaved sister said Mr Farnan was always smiling.

"Tom always looked out for me. He always had a smile for everyone and would do anything for anyone," she said.

"I appeal to anyone who has information to please come forward.

"We feel like Tom can't rest peacefully and we can't move on until justice is served."

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