Thursday 17 January 2019

'We're in crisis' - new Nokia boss

AS RALLYING cries go it was less "we will fight on the beaches" and more "we must plunge into the icy sea".

Nokia's new chief executive has issued a brutally frank memo comparing his struggling company to a man on a "burning platform" who must make a potentially fatal leap into freezing water to survive.

Admitting that Nokia was in a state of crisis could prove to be a "Ratner moment" for Stephen Elop, the former Microsoft executive who took over the Finnish handset manufacturer in September.

But his blunt admission that Nokia needed radical change was also praised as a smart PR "fightback" strategy. The company's share price rose yesterday amid speculation that Nokia will unveil a new smartphone initiative on Friday.

In the memo Mr Elop admitted Nokia had been comprehensively outmanoeuvred by Google's Android operating system and Apple's iPhone.

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