Monday 18 December 2017

We'll drink 51 million beers over Christmas holidays

IRISH people will down so much beer over Christmas that the empties would stretch to Lapland and back at least five times.

Irish households will knock back 51 million cans of beer, 23 million bottles of wine and 3 million bottles of spirits.

Consumers will scoff enough chocolate to power 860,000 houses for Christmas Day if the calories were converted to kw/hours.

And our generosity stretches beyond the boundaries, too -- more than 12 million gifts will be exchanged over the holiday period: 4 million boxes and 6 million rolls of wrapping paper.


Recycling giant Repak said that 70,000 tonnes of packaging waste will be generated over the coming weeks. With such an increase in consumption, the public's participation in recycling is more important than ever.

Darrell Crowe, Repak's head of sales and marketing, said recycling could save 46,000 tonnes of carbon -- the equivalent of taking 29,900 cars off the road.

"Last Christmas we collectively increased our household packaging recycling rate by more than 7pc from 2010," he said.


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