Wednesday 16 January 2019

Weekend washout on the way as forecasters warn 40mm of rain could fall

Umbrellas are set to be unfurled with a vengeance across the country this weekend
Umbrellas are set to be unfurled with a vengeance across the country this weekend

Staying indoors may be the best course of action this weekend - with forecasters predicting a washout in Dublin and across the rest of the country.

Following recent storms that have battered Ireland, the wind is expected to stay away over the next few days, but between 30 and 40mm of rain is on the cards.


One consolation for people living in the capital is that the snow and sleet that are set to hit hilly areas around the west of Ireland will bypass Dublin.

Met Eireann forecaster John Eagleton told the Herald that, while there would be some dry spells over the weekend - mainly tomorrow - those heading to outdoor events would have to plan ahead with umbrellas and raincoats in mind.

"If you're going out, prepare for it. It's not going to be too windy though," Mr Eagleton said.

"It's not going to be a great weekend.

"There's a lot of low pressure so we're going to get a lot of rain at times, though there'll be some dry periods too.

"There'll be a bit of sunshine, but there'll also be a lot of rain around throughout both Saturday and Sunday - it'll be quite unsettled."

This is not uncommon for this time of the year, according to Mr Eagleton, who expects a changeable month.


"You know March itself, you can get anything, so I wouldn't say it's unusual for this time of year," he added.

"You think of St Patrick's Day - they've varied a lot, haven't they? Some cold ones and some lovely ones.

"I think Monday will be a good day but it's changeable for the rest of the week."

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