Saturday 7 December 2019

Weekend of rest should set me up for challenge of French and biology

I STUDIED quite a bit over the weekend but my intention was to recharge the batteries and get some rest after last week. I got up early on Saturday and Sunday to study but I made sure to get plenty of sleep as well.

This morning begins with maths paper two, which is the harder paper, but I just want to pass the exam because I'm not counting on it for points. I'm also doing ordinary level in Irish, and for paper one there wasn't a lot to study for. I find it fairly easy to make up an essay for that section, and there's no learning involved for the comprehension either.

For Irish paper two I have to learn off poems but that's not until tomorrow so I'll have time to look over it tonight.

I've been trying to look out for patterns in some of the exams. You can see trends in some of the papers over the years. In biology, which takes place on Thursday for example, respiration came up last year so I think photosynthesis will come up this year.

I've had a few grinds for French over the week because it's one of my weaker subjects. I went through exam papers and the timing for the exam and focused on correcting exercises I'd already written.

Biology and French are the main ones that I'm worried about this week really.

On Friday I'll have design and communication graphics which is my favourite subject. It's the subject I look at when I'm on a break from study.

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