Monday 18 December 2017

Week 5: We're in the pink and ready to run for a great cause

The Dulick Pink team's past successes inspired them to enter the Vhi Women's Mini Marathon again this year

The team is looking forward to the this year's event where everyone has a chance of winning a Nissan Micra
The team is looking forward to the this year's event where everyone has a chance of winning a Nissan Micra

The reasons why women run the Vhi Women's Mini Marathon are wide and varied.

But when Nissan partnered with Breast Cancer Ireland and started sponsoring the Women's Mini Marathon it made us think of ways we could get involved and we made the conscious decision to get behind the partnership 110pc. As a result the Dulick Pink team was born

During Nissan Pink Week campaign, where test drives result in donations to Breast Cancer Ireland, we raised a massive €22,400. After this amazing success, The Dulick Pink Team decided they would be pulling up their socks again in aid of Breast Cancer Ireland and as a team signing up for the first time to the Womens Mini Marathon 2013.

As part of our training we did the Pakie Ryan 10K Memorial Run and numerous other charitable events throughout Co Clare. We wanted to get our story out there - The Dulick Pink Team was driven to raise awareness and much needed funds for this very worthy cause.

But that wasn't enough for us, we wanted to go one step further.

So we decided to host our own road race and fun run. A nice loop from Dulick Motors and back again came in at four miles.

The Dulick Motors, four-mile charity road race and fun was a huge success. Everyone really enjoyed the day. The excitement in the atmosphere was tangible and was helped by a live broadcast from Ruth and Paddy from 2fm.

That was the last milestone before we all headed up to Dublin to participate in the Women's Mini Marathon.

We really didn't know what to expect but we can say the day exceeded all our expectations. We were in awe.

It was fair to say it was motivation enough for us to make sure that we would be there as the Dulick Pink Team again in 2014.

Between race day 2013 and race day 2014 we got to host another test drive event to raise money for Breast Cancer Ireland. This time we raised a whopping €30,000. Our spirits and motivation were high and we started to think about how successful our Dulick Pink Team was. So we started the process again. We could add more to our Dulick Pink Team and raise more funds and gear ourselves towards the Women's Mini Marathon - our ultimate goal. Having put in all the ground work as a team in 2013, preparations for 2014 ran a littler smoother. And on race day 2014 we really enjoyed ourselves even more than we expected.

We can't believe we are getting the Dulick Pink Team together again to get our entries in for the 2015 Vhi Women's Mini Marathon.

We want to take this opportunity to remind everyone to get their entries in for the Vhi Women's Mini Marathon and if you need that extra bit of motivation remember everyone that enters has an equal chance of winning a Nissan Micra. An amazing prize on an amazing day.

Good Luck to everyone.

he Dulick Pink Team

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