Saturday 18 November 2017

Website airs dramatic video of cruise ship ... except it was Dundrum Town Centre floods

A LEADING news website mistakenly included footage showing the flooding of Dundrum Town Centre in its coverage of the Costa Concordia cruise disaster.

The bizarre error appeared in a video broadcast on the El Mundo website -- Spain's second biggest newspaper.

The video, which contains a report of the Italian cruise ship evacuation, mistakenly shows footage of water flooding the south Dublin shopping centre last October.

Halfway through the video, the footage switches from showing the evacuation of the Costa Concordia to the shocking scenes of water bursting through the popular shopping centre.

The Spanish reporter appears to be unaware of the glaring error, stating: "Meanwhile water begins to flood the lower decks."


The footage then returns to that of the Italian cruise disaster -- which tragically took at least 11 lives.

The blunder was picked up by a well known blogger, who goes under the pseudonym Pantibar.

The blog states: "So not even disaster reporting is trustworthy now?

"It's hard to believe that El Mundo, Spain's "second largest printed, and largest digital daily newspaper" would purposely fake this report, especially when it would seem inevitable that they'd get caught out, but it's also hard to see how they could have made a mistake like this."

The footage of the Dundrum floods appears on YouTube and has clocked up thousands of views.

The newspaper appears to have used the footage believing it was in fact of the cruise ship being flooded. The video was removed from the site yesterday.

Dundrum Town Centre was flooded on October 24 after being struck by a 7ft wall of water during floods.

Hundreds of shoppers and store workers were forced to abandon their cars overnight after floods cascaded into the centre.

The centre reopened after a massive clean-up operation which involved the ESB and emergency teams.


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