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'We won't rest until mastermind of mum's murder is in the dock'


Jennifer McBride, daughter of murdered Louth woman, Irene White, leaving court

Jennifer McBride, daughter of murdered Louth woman, Irene White, leaving court

Jennifer McBride, daughter of murdered Louth woman, Irene White, leaving court

The eldest daughter of Irene White has said her family will have "true justice" only when the so-called mastermind behind her mother's murder is convicted.

Jennifer McBride described bringing the man suspected of planning the murder before the courts as "the ultimate goal".

In an emotional interview, she also described her family's heartbreak over her mother's killing, saying "she was everything to me".

She was speaking to RTE Prime Time reporter Barry Cummins following the life sentence given this week to Niall Power (47), of Gyles Quay, Riverstown, Co Louth, for the murder.


Last year, Anthony Lambe (34), who stabbed Ms White 34 times, was also jailed for life for his role.

Power was described as the "middle man" who was asked by a different person to assist in the murder.

"There was a sense of relief for the reason that we were told to expect three to four weeks of a trial and there was a lot of anxiety and what were we going to have to face and listen to and everything like that," Ms McBride said.

"So it was, like, at least we know it is going to be a positive outcome in the right direction, it is going to be the way we want it to go.

"So there was relief but pain, anger, hurt, all different emotions, but I was happy to know it was a guilty plea."

Ms McBride said she was appealing on behalf of her younger brother Damhan and younger sister Dairine.

"People are calling it the 'mastermind' and he is the man behind the whole lot, and the ultimate goal would be to have him before the courts and charged," she said.

"That would be the ultimate goal. Only then will I feel I have got true justice for my mam. That she deserves."

Reflecting on her time with her mother, she told Cummins: "I had 17 years. I had so many treasured memories all through the years. My sister was four-years-old and my brother was six.


"My memory is very sketchy when I was that age, so it breaks my heart that they don't have such fresh memories, and so many memories, that I have. So it is heartbreaking that they missed out on so much.

"My mam was everything to me, and to my brother and sister. It is heartbreaking to think people can go around in this day and age and think that they can pay people to kill a human being. It is horrible."

Ms White (43), who was separated from her husband Alan, lived on Demesne Road, Dundalk, with her children aged 17, six and five.

Her mother, Maureen McBride (79), lived in a mobile home to the rear.

She found her daughter's body at 12.30pm on April 6, 2005.