Monday 24 September 2018

'We will raid bonfire stockpiles ahead of Halloween' - Council

The council is asking people to report bonfire stockpiles.
The council is asking people to report bonfire stockpiles.

Dozens of raids to clear stockpiled bonfire material will be carried out by Dublin City Council (DCC) ahead of Halloween.

The council's annual battle with bonfires began early last month, and with Halloween now only weeks away it has intensified.

DCC has pleaded with the public not to host or attend bonfires this year, and if anyone sees stockpiling of bonfire materials they should report it.


The council said yesterday it had removed more than 420 tonnes of bonfire materials last Halloween following 280 reports of stockpiling.

Simon Brock, of the council's Waste Management Services, said bonfires are an environmental and health hazard.

"Dublin City Council is again putting in place an extensive action plan for the 2017 Halloween period," said Mr Brock.

"We are asking you to report incidents of stockpiling of bonfire material to us as soon as possible so we can remove the material and avoid the risk of serious injury and damage to our environment."

Bonfire preparations across the city are continuing regardless of the council's warning.

Only a few days ago, Dublin Fire Brigade said it had seen a huge increase in call-outs.

At one point last Sunday, it had 40 calls about fires within two hours, including a potentially dangerous blaze near pylons in Clondalkin.


"Thursday night was busy as the Halloween prep continues. At one stage we received 40 fire calls over a two-hour period, including a vacant warehouse fire," a fire service spokesman said.

Last year, Dublin Fire Brig-ade received nearly 900 calls from the public on Halloween night alone.

Anyone wishing to report any stockpiled material should call the council's Litter Hotline on 1800 251 500 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) or visit

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