Thursday 17 January 2019

We said a prayer to St Joseph... and the right topics came up

THE second day of exams went better than I thought it would.

It wasn't exactly an easy day with three exams in Irish, but it wasn't as hard as I'd imagined it would be either.

Our principal gathered us around yesterday morning before the exam started and she said a prayer to St Joseph with us, because apparently he prayed before an exam that what he studied would come up. And we did the same, and it turned out that everything I wanted to see in the paper came up.

The aural exam was easy enough. In one segment though, the speaker seemed to be from Cork and I found that accent quite hard to understand.

I wrote an essay on what I got for Christmas and what I did during the holidays. Another option was to write about your favourite band, but I couldn't imagine writing two pages in Irish about that. I'm very familiar with vocabulary relating to Christmas so I went with that option.

Also in Paper One, I felt I was well able to answer the questions on the tenses, where we had to change words from one tense to another. I understood the two of them fine.

And the comprehension was fine, it was about penguins getting robbed in the zoo. I understood the questions.

While the letter we had to write was really easy, but the poetry was hard enough because the questions relating to it were tricky.

Now for maths today, I'm feeling calm. We've had a really good teacher since first year who's been going over the exam papers with us. And in geography, I had a look over the longer questions last night because those are the trickier ones.

We're settling into the exam routine now. When I come home I feel really tired and I have to take a break and have some dinner before I can open the books. But I find that the exam supervisor is really nice and in the mornings. She sits down and chats to us and makes sure we feel at ease.

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