Friday 24 November 2017

We marked our son's birthday at his graveside

The family of a Dublin dad who was abducted and killed marked his 30th birthday with a Mass and a visit to his grave.

Father-of-one Ciaran Noonan (29) was bundled into the back of a car at East Wall on October 20.

But it was more than two weeks later, on November 4, before his body was recovered dumped in a drain in a field near the village of Drumree, Co Meath, after an informant provided gardai with directions to the site.


He was due to celebrate his 30th birthday on December 26, but instead his mother Geraldine and father Willie, and other family members, held a Mass in his memory and visited the grave.

"Instead of a birthday we were at a grave," Geraldine told the Herald sadly. "This whole thing has tested my faith badly if I'm honest," added the devout Catholic. After Ciaran's body was found, Geraldine told the Herald she felt her family had "won" because they could give him a proper funeral.

"It has been rough, but we have him back, we own him now," she said.

"We have his memories. My emotions are everywhere, I won't be able to kiss my son goodbye, but I feel like we have won. I just feel that I have him. It's like he was lost and now he is found."

Geraldine says she is trying to get back some kind of normality since the horrific trauma she endured but is finding it difficult. "I haven't been to bingo since Ciaran went missing, and I was a regular there," Geraldine explained.

"I find myself trying to keep busy. I was up one morning at 3am scrubbing floors and cleaning. It's just awful."

Ciaran Noonan had a drug problem that plagued his life.

He was a former truck driver, and his friends made his funeral a trucker-themed one to reflect the good times in his life when he worked hard driving and delivering across the country.

Several arrests have been made in the investigation into Ciaran's abduction and death.

One man, Mark Allen (33), of Bayliss Village, Johnstown, Navan, Co Meath, is currently before the courts charged with falsely imprisoning Ciaran Noonan.

Nobody has yet been charged in relation to Ciaran's death.


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