Thursday 18 January 2018

'We just want Karen home safe, we love her,' say devastated parents


KAREN Buckley's parents today made a renewed appeal for information on her whereabouts, while her brothers shared an appeal on Facebook.

At an emotional press conference in Glasgow, Karen's distraught mum Marian and dad John said they "just want Karen home safe".

"We are desperate, she is our only daughter," said Mrs Buckley.

"We love her dearly and if anybody has any information, please come forward. We would dearly appreciate it."


"Like Marian said, if anybody is holding Karen or anybody knows anything about her, just please return her," said Mr Buckley.

"Just give her back, we love her to bits. We're devastated. Thank you."

Karen's brothers Kieran and Damien shared an online appeal the "Please Help Find Karen missing in Glasgow" Facebook page.

"We are posting this to urge anyone with any small inclination that they may have seen Karen or anything suspicious to come forward and talk to the police," it read.

The post included a map with pictures of the last areas where Karen was seen - the Sanctuary nightclub and an apartment in Dorchester Avenue where it is believed she went with a man after leaving the club.

It notes that she is believed to have left the apartment at 4am, intending to walk to her home on Hill Street.

It also includes a photo of Karen that was taken on Saturday, the night she went missing without warning.

"Please share this photo and help spread awareness to get Karen home safe to us. Thank you for your support," the post ends.

Kieran, who was travelling to Scotland from Australia where he lives to help in the search, previously told Newstalk that his sister "would always contact someone and would always come home".

"I'm over here with my brother Damien in Sydney, so it's very tough for both of us right now," he said.

"It's very tough on everyone, so we are just trying to stay positive.


"Hopefully some good news comes soon - some crazy excuse for Karen's disappearance . . . that she just turns up safe and sound somewhere. We are all just hoping.

"That's all we can do now, really, just put our trust in the police in Glasgow.

"It's not Karen's character at all, it's just strange, very strange.

"She would always contact someone, she would always come home.

"I don't know what has happened, but it's not like her to just go missing."

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