Thursday 22 August 2019

We have less in our pockets as pay falls

OUR average annual earnings have fallen to €35,830, figures from the Central Statistics Office show.

As a result, pockets were lighter to the tune of €249 last year.

Average earnings last year fell by less than one percent from €36,079 in 2012, the CSO figures reveal. This compares to an average increase of €174 a year between 2011 and 2012.

Average earnings in 2011 were €35,905, which was higher than the figure for last year.

However, earnings are affected by the sector that people are working in.

Average earnings actually rose in seven out of 13 economic sectors, with the largest percentage increase in the "arts, entertainment and other services sector", in which they rose by 4pc from €24,071 to €25,158.

Meanwhile, the largest sectoral percentage decrease was recorded in the health and social work sector, where earnings fell 2pc from €36,737 to €35,763.

In the four years to 2013, average earnings in the information and communication sector have risen, in excess of 10pc.

However, by contrast they have dropped by nearly 10pc in the health and social work sector.

A breakdown of the figures show that average earnings for those in the industry sector last year were: €42,644 compared to €42,750 the previous year.


Construction workers earned an average of €36,230 last year, compared to €35,493 the previous year - and overall their wages are down 7pc since the peak periods of 2009.

In the education sector, average earnings were down last year from €42,554 from €43,664.

For those working in the financial, insurance and real estate sector, they earned an average of €51,306 last year, which was slightly down from €51,389 in 2012.

The earnings and labour costs report from the CSO revealed that total annual earnings at €56.1bn were up 1.4pc last year, from €55.3bn in 2012.

In the four years to 2013, total annual labour costs have fallen by €4bn.


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