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'We have a great lawyer and it will all work out says Virginia

Socialite Virginia Macari has said she's "not worried" over her fiance Kaste Dahl's fraud conviction.

The Norwegian businessman was convicted earlier this year of 17 counts of loan fraud in connection with a holiday cabin property in southern Norway.

It is not yet known if he will serve any jail time.

"It's such a complex case, and there are so many people involved, about 20 people or more, and it's going to go on for years," said Macari.

"But it's nothing like as clear-cut as has been said in the papers.

"We have a great lawyer and I'm confident it will all work out. Kas and I do not even talk about it at home any more, it's forgotten about.

"It's sad that in Ireland this is all they know about Kas. They don't talk about all the good things he's been doing.

"Kas and I are amazed at how something so hard has turned out to be, in the strangest way, the best thing that has ever happened."

The couple, who have a three-year-old son, Thor, have been engaged since 2012 but won't be getting married just yet.

Macari (40) has just launched her new luxury swimwear line and says she's focusing on developing the brand.


"We don't know where we want to do it and we often get excited about it. We just have to find the right time," she told VIP magazine.

"I don't think it's the right time to have a party now, to be honest.

"And I really am concentrating on my business 100pc. All my energy and resources are going into that.

"I've been working on the swimwear for a long time and I'm very proud."