Wednesday 11 December 2019

'We are devastated - our trust was badly misplaced', say parents

Children at one creche were fed cheap noodles
Children at one creche were fed cheap noodles

Parents of children at the Hyde and Seek creche chain have said they are devastated at the breach of trust they have suffered.

A group of parents met yesterday to discuss the revelations in RTE's investigation into the business.

"We are devastated by what was revealed by the programme," they said in a statement last night.

"We trusted the creche to provide the standards of care it advertised and undertook to provide, at all times, and from all carers. This trust was badly misplaced.

"We trusted that the State, through the department and its regulatory and oversight body (Tusla), would provide a framework within which the breaches of regulations broadcast last night could not occur.

"It appears that the current oversight system, even when it detects breaches, is inadequate to ensure that the same, similar, or more serious breaches do not occur again."

The parents said it made them question whether the system was fit for purpose.


"This is a question that must be answered not just for our children and for us, their parents, but also for parents throughout the country who often have no choice but to enrol their children in a childcare system that puts serious financial strain on many households."

The statement represented a group of around 30 parents.

Speaking to the Herald yesterday as they dropped children off at Hyde and Seek, other parents also expressed concerns. However, some were less worried.

"Most of the issues relate to the other creches, it was more technical issues here in Glasnevin," said one dad after dropping off his daughter.

"We weren't happy with what we saw in the documentary, but my child likes the creche here and the staff generally are very good.

"We certainly would be concerned about the behaviour of the manager in the other creche, and we wouldn't be happy if she was seen on the premises here during work hours.

"Obviously every parent coming here is thinking about their own child but, from my point of view, my daughter likes it here and there's been no major issues, but it's not great that they weren't registered."

The dad said that if he was a parent of a child in one of the other creches he might take a different view.

Asked if he was confident leaving his daughter at the creche yesterday, he said he had discussed the issue at home.


"But based on the evidence in the documentary, it related more to the other creches, and there's no point not dropping her in today and then dropping her in in two or three days time. She likes it here, she has friends here," he said.

Another parent said her daughter had been in the Glasnevin creche for eight months.

"I think the care is great. In terms of the staff here, I'm happy, I'm satisfied. I do think though that management does need to have a bit of a seeing to," she said.

"If I had a child in Tolka Road that would have been it - pulled out. But I do believe the staff here are good and they look after my child properly."

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