Friday 22 February 2019

Watch: Teenage gang kicks and punches 'good Samaritan' 60 times

The horror attack on the man was caught on video
The horror attack on the man was caught on video
The man is chased

THIS is the moment a good Samaritan was kicked and punched more than 60 times by a feral gang after intervening in a robbery.

Shocking CCTV images show a group of around 20 youths viciously assaulting the man in Dublin city centre in broad daylight.

Gardai are investigating if the victim, a man in his mid-20s from the UK, was set upon after he intervened in a robbery being carried out by one of the teenage thugs moments earlier.

The attack happened in St Michan's Park, Dublin 7, at 6.25pm on Monday and the victim was taken to the Mater Hospital to be treated for his injuries.

Video footage captured almost three minutes of the attack, during which the gang tried to lock the terrified man in the park to prevent him from escaping.

The footage shows the man being kicked and punched more than 60 times, and at the beginning of the attack he is surrounded by up to 20 youths.


At one stage, one cowardly teen stamps on the man's head up to 10 times as he lies prone on the ground surrounded by the gang.

The man makes several attempts to flee, and as he runs toward the park exit one of the gang can be heard shouting: "Shut that gate now."

In an apparent attempt to justify the attack, another teen can be heard saying: "He grabbed me by the neck."

It is understood that officers at Bridewell Garda Station have identified a number of suspects, including a 14-year-old youth.

A garda spokeswoman confirmed that officers were investigating an incident that happened in the park and on Little Britain Street.

A number of expletives from the gang can be heard throughout the video, while a bystander can be heard shouting "Stop, stop" a number of times.

The assault ends only when a passer-by intervenes.

As the man flees, one of the thugs shouts: "Give me your phone before I stab you."

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