Friday 14 December 2018

Warren punched brother Jeff as he slept in court

BROTHERS Warren and Jeffrey Dumbrell were involved in an extraordinary courtroom punch-up -- after one of them fell asleep in a hearing.

One brother punched the other in open court, seconds after a High Court judge had left the bench.

The incident occurred during a recent procedural hearing prior to the brothers' trial for murdering Christy Cawley. The pair were this week convicted of Cawley's murder.

But lawyers were left dumbstruck during a hearing last month when Warren -- a killer and kidnapper with a fearsome reputation for violence -- lashed out at his own brother.

Warren struck his sibling Jeffrey after the latter nodded off as the judge in the case read a 45-minute judgment. The elder brother told his younger sibling to "sleep in the cell and not in court" before striking him full force in the face.

The dramatic incident -- which left lawyers open-mouthed in shock -- happened on January 11 just after Central Criminal Court Judge Patrick McCarthy had left the courtroom in the Criminal Courts of Justice building.

The two brothers were sitting side by side in the dock when the judge delivered his verdict on an application by the brothers' legal team.

They had sought a stay or adjournment of their murder trial because of what was claimed to be "prejudicial" information on the two on the internet.

Lawyers had pleaded the information should be removed from the internet because it could influence jury members. Judge McCarthy took some 45 minutes to read out his judgment, refusing the legal team's application.

After the lengthy judgment was read the judge left the courtroom, but within seconds Warren (36) punched Jeffrey (30) on the jaw.

Jeffrey, who had apparently nodded off during the long legal judgment, shouted an obscenity at his brother as prison officers quickly intervened.

Several prison officers separated the two and hustled them out of the courtroom separately as shouting continued.

Few members of the public were in court for the hearing, apart from one Herald reporter, lawyers and prison staff.

Warren and Jeffrey Dumbrell were this week convicted of murdering innocent dad Christy Cawley at Tyrone Place, Inchicore, in October 2006. They both received mandatory life sentences for murder.


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