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Warrant for teen 'in bed' on court date

a 13-YEAR-OLD Dublin boy accused of stealing a car refused to get out of bed to come to court, a judge heard.

The DPP has decided that, despite the boy's young age, the case will go on and a "special direction" was given to the Dublin Children's Court last month.

He had been granted bail and was supposed to appear again yesterday.

The teen's mother arrived with their solicitor Aonghus McCarthy. Mr McCarthy confirmed that the teen was due to enter a plea but had not come to court.

"He would not get up, I tried my best," the teen's mother, who was sitting at the back of the tiny courtroom, then told Judge John O'Connor.

The judge also noted that since the boy's last court appearance, he had picked up two new charges for trespassing and interfering with a vehicle.

These new charges were also before the court and gardai asked the judge to issue a bench warrant for the boy's arrest.

"I cannot oppose it because he is blatantly in bed," Mr McCarthy said before he proposed an adjournment until a later date when other members of the boy's family members are due in court on unrelated matters.


The boy's garda case manager also told the court that "there were a few gardai lined up to give an objection to bail".

The teen's mother then spoke up saying: "He was terrified at coming, telling me he was going to Oberstown."

However, the judge replied: "By not coming in, he is guaranteeing it."

He then agreed to issue the bench warrant to have the boy arrested and brought to court.

Last month, Judge O'Connor had warned the teenager that he had to obey his bail terms or he risked going into custody.

The teen had been granted bail with strict conditions including a curfew following the alleged in incident on July 3.

In August, he had spent a stint in custody for breaking bail terms but he was later released.

The boy is charged with stealing a car from a car park on an afternoon in July. He also faces a connected charge for dangerously driving the Nissan Almera which was allegedly damaged beyond repair when it crashed into a wall. He had made no reply when the charges were originally put to him.