Thursday 23 November 2017

Warning that patients will suffer in hospital taxi rank dispute

Beaumont will close taxi hub
Beaumont will close taxi hub

Beaumont Hospital can't afford to pay for a €1.25m taxi rank to replace the current hub which Dublin City Council (DCC) is forcing them to close.

The closure notice was issued by the council after complaints were made by a local resident regarding noise and disturbances from the taxi rank.

DCC has confirmed that the taxi rank is unauthorised, but a spokeswoman for Beaumont told the Herald that they have so far resisted the closure of the rank because patients and drivers are so reliant on it.

The hospital said the closure could leave patients and drivers in the lurch.

"The hospital wants to ensure that patients, visitors and staff have access to a convenient mode of transport," a spokeswoman for the hospital said.

The rank is located close to two residential areas - Montrose Drive and Ardmore Drive.

The initial complaint was made in July, 2013, with DCC issuing a warning letter to the hospital about future noise pollution.

However, no enforcement issue for closure was made at the time because there was no alternative solution.

Since then, planning permission has been granted for the new taxi rank, but the spokeswoman for the hospital said that they have no funds available to go ahead with it. It is estimated that these works will cost in the region of €1.25m.

Representative for Beaumont taxis Tommy O'Connor told the Herald that approximately 50 of their drivers work on that rank and it would be a "disaster" if it were to close.

DCC told the Herald that enforcement issues were underway, but wouldn't disclose any further details.

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