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Warning over thieves posing as Irish Water rob homes

A GANG is operating in Dublin, attempting house robberies under the guise of Irish Water workers.

An elderly woman in the Phibsborough area opened her door to two men last week who were wearing high-visibility jackets and claimed to be from Irish Water.

They told her they needed to enter her home to install a meter.


Similar incidences of attempted robberies around Kilkenny and Carlow have also been reported to gardai.

Phibsborough councillor Nial Ring said: “What’s happening is that criminals watch where Irish Water crews are working, and then they visit houses in the area once local people are aware that the agency is active in the vicinity.”

Neighbours in Phibsborough said they had also experienced the same visits from men purporting to be Irish Water staff and asking to get into their homes.

A member of the local residents’ association called the gardai after a string of worrying incidences.

When contacted by


Neighbours in Phibsborough contacted Mountjoy garda station after a number of householders said they had been approached by opportunistic criminals pretending to work for the water agency.

A text alert was then sent out to any resident in the area who had signed up to the Garda SMS system that operates in the Dublin central area between Store Street, Mountjoy and the Bridewell stations.