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Warning over illegal 'cash for cars' signs

CAR owners who are looking to sell their vehicles have been warned to steer clear of illegal 'cash for cars' signs.

Dublin City Council has urged sellers to reconsider and said that the signs, which have "blighted" the streets of the capital, are a safety risk for motorists.

The signs, which include mobile telephone numbers and the offer of cash even for vehicles in poor condition, are illegal under the Litter Pollution Act 1999.

In the past 18 months alone, more than 5,000 'cash for cars' signs have been removed from places across the city.

Anyone found guilty of placing a sign in public, such as on a lamppost, can be fined €150 for each one or €4,000 if convicted.


The council's litter prevention officer, Bernie Lillis, said that the signs are taken down wherever they are found.

"Cash for car signs have blighted the streets of Dublin over the last number of years.

"Our waste management department take these signs down on site and will continue to do so.

"We are also passing these phone numbers onto the gardai and have been liaising with them on the possibility of disconnecting the phone numbers in question," the officer said.

"Dublin City Council would strongly advise motorists not to respond to these signs."


The council has also said that motorists need to be aware that they have a responsibility to ensure that change of ownership is done correctly.

This, it said, was in order that any charges, fines or penalty points are attributed to the rightful owner.

"Motorists should contact their local motor tax office for advice on this," the council said in a statement.

An inter-agency response involving the gardai, Dublin City Council, the Litter Prevention Office and other agencies has been put together to tackle the issue.

Fingal County Council has also complained of a "proliferation" of the signs.