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Warm front to push mercury above 20C next week


A dog walker enjoys the bright sunshine on Grafton Street yesterday afternoon

A dog walker enjoys the bright sunshine on Grafton Street yesterday afternoon

A dog walker enjoys the bright sunshine on Grafton Street yesterday afternoon

Temperatures are set to soar above 20C next week as Ireland says goodbye to its chilly spell.

Met Eireann said Ireland was set to benefit from an Atlantic front which will bring warm air from north Africa and southern Europe.

However, the high pressure front to the south and east of Ireland will be challenged by a low pressure zone to the west which may bring rain showers to parts of Connacht and Ulster.

Dublin and the east coast are set to enjoy the best of the weather, with spells of bright sunshine and warm temperatures likely from Monday evening.

It will be perfect weather for back garden barbecues and picnics, although gardai warn that social distancing and travel guidelines must be complied with.

Met Eireann's Liz Walsh said cloudy weather would precede the better conditions.

"Friday will be mostly dry but cloudier overall than Thursday," she said.

"A few scattered showers will occur during the morning in Ulster, Connacht and north Leinster, largely dying out in the afternoon, but it will be mainly dry elsewhere with bright or sunny spells.

"The maximum temperatures will range from 11C to 17C.

"Saturday will see cloud start to push in off the Atlantic from early morning, with the best of any bright or sunny spells in the east and south early on.

"It will be mostly cloudy by the afternoon with patchy light rain and drizzle developing in the west and north."

The warmest temperatures expected tomorrow will be around 15C.

"Sunday is shaping up to be a mostly cloudy and breezy day across the west and north, with outbreaks of rain and drizzle," she said.


"Further south and east, it will be largely dry for much of the day with a mix of cloud and bright or sunny intervals, but patchy rain and drizzle spreading here too in the evening."

It will be slightly warmer with some areas seeing temperatures up to 17C.

"Monday will probably be quite cloudy and misty to begin with, along with patches of drizzle, though it will brighten up as the day goes on," said Ms Walsh.

It will again be warmer, with some areas enjoying temperatures of 19C or even 20C.

From Monday evening, warmer conditions should be felt over Ireland, thanks to the high pressure zone to the south and east of the country.

"The exact details remain uncertain at this stage. However, Ireland is likely to be somewhere in the transitional zone between higher pressures to the east and south and lower pressures to the west and north-west," she said.

If the high pressure zone from the south and east dominates Ireland's weather, the country could see temperatures climb above 20C next week, with extended dry spells and bright sunshine.