Wednesday 16 January 2019

Warder quits over link with on-run convict

A FEMALE prison officer has resigned after being stopped in a car with an on-the-run inmate.

A major surveillance operation was launched by the gardai and the Irish Prison Service after Joanne Cleary was spotted with the criminal -- said to be her boyfriend -- in the James' Street area of the city.

The female officer resigned after the incident, and a series of subsequent events which further linked her to the convict, Dean Adams (19).

Cleary (23), from Drimnagh, was employed at St Patrick's Institution.

Adams was unlawfully at large, having being convicted of a mugging on the Luas in 2009 which left a 28-year-old man seriously injured.

She told the Sunday World newspaper she gave an explanation to the authorities for Adams being in her car.

She said: "He's a friend. He's from the same area in Drimnagh as me, I know him. I had one person in my car and apart from that there was nothing else." She denied she was in a relationship with Adams.


But an account has been published of an alleged three-way conference phone call between Adams, back in his prison cell, Cleary, and a journalist.

In the call, a man claiming to be Adams told the reporter: "My girlfriend was stopped from coming to see me and my sister was stopped from seeing her fella as well. It was a set up."

Cleary then interrupted the conversation to claim she had only got in to the car two seconds before they were stopped.

But the newspaper stated Cleary later claimed the male voice on the conference call was that of an uncle of Adams. Cleary said she quit for "health reasons" and it was coincidental that it came after she was stopped with Adams.

She said: "There's people going around shooting people day after f***ing day. I'm not doing anything wrong."

A source at the jail said: "The officer has not been convicted of any offence, but she was definitely under surveillance and decided to get out."

Adams, who is well known to gardai in the city had been granted temporary release from prison but failed to return.

The convicted robber was later returned to the Midlands prison after gardai traced him.


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