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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? They've all been whacked in the series, but are very much alive. Melanie Finn tracks 'em down

LOVE/HATE - final episode of Season Three
Lizzie shoots Darren
LOVE/HATE - final episode of Season Three Lizzie shoots Darren
LOVE/HATE - final episode of Season Three Lizzie shoots Darren
Tom Vaughan- Lawlor, who plays Nidge ( left) , and Robert Sheehan, who plays Darren, in the Love/ Hate season finale
Characters Denise and Debbie overdosing in Sunday's episode
LOVE/HATE - HUGHIE (Brian Gleeson), DARREN (Robbie Sheehan), John Boy (Aidan Gillen) RTE One Autumn 2010
Peter O' Meara as Andrew in Love/Hate

Not since the days of Glenroe has the country come together on a Sunday evening to collectively watch an Irish series.

Love/Hate has captured the imagination of all and, most importantly for RTE, massive viewing figures to ensure its ongoing success.

Series Five is set to take off from where we last left off. Nidge and his gang are the prime focus of gardai intent on jailing the crime network, while Fran is also set to come under pressure after he murdered a witless dentist. Who's next for the hit list?

Let's take a look at who has got the bullet already and where they are now.

Chris Newman, AKA ROBBIE: The first-ever character to be shot dead in the trigger-happy series was Darren's brother Robbie, who was gunned down a few minutes into the first episode of season one. Viewers saw him being released from prison and while waiting to be collected by Tommy, he was gunned down outside a newsagents in a drive-by shooting.

But he told the Herald that although his role was brief, he has never been so busy.

"I've been up to a good bit since Love/Hate and it did open some doors for more roles in TV, film and even some stage work," he said.

"I filmed Love/Hate five years ago and at the time I thought it was just another part. We had no idea it was going to be so successful. It would have been nice to be in it for longer but I knew it was only a small part when I filmed it."

Since the RTE pilot episode, he has been busy filming Shooting for Socrates, a production about the Northern Ireland team that qualified for the 1986 World Cup. He played Norman Whiteside, the youngest player to ever score in the tournament.

"I'm still a big fan of Love/Hate, I watch it all the time and I can't wait for the new series," he added.

ROBERT SHEEHAN, AKA DARREN: Doe-eyed Darren Treacy won himself an army of female fans on the show. Such was the green-eyed star's popularity, he even had a Twitter page dedicated to his famous blue hoody.

The nation almost went into mourning after he was whacked in the finale of series three after being shot in the head by Lizzie in an episode watched by nearly one million people. He hasn't done too badly for himself since being killed off though and the offers have been flooding in.

He has gone on to film four movies including The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and Jet Trash, which is how he met his current girlfriend, French actress Sofia Boutella.

AIDAN GILLAN, AKA Druglord John boy: The sinister gang leader John Boy appeared in ten episodes of the show before he got his marching orders with two bullets in the head at the end of series two, paving the way for Nidge to take over the vacant throne. Already an acclaimed actor with international success, he has gone on to become one of the stars of the biggest TV shows ever, namely Game of Thrones.

Since 2011, he has been playing the part of Littlefinger on the fantasy series and his character has continued to gain in prominence. As well as playing the lead role in RTE's new drama series Charlie, based on the life of the late Taoiseach, he has just been confirmed as the baddie in the Maze Runner sequel.

Susan loughnane, AKA DEBBIE: Susan played the ill-fated prostitute Debbie (left), who never could quite get her act together despite her middle-class upbringing. She died of a drug over-dose in a dingy basement flat in what was a particularly harrowing scene at the end of series four.

The former Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model star has gone on to appear in Hollyoaks, playing the part of Chloe Chance. She also landed a film role in a movie called Poison Pen, but most recently has written her debut novel, The Art of Scandal, which is due to release next week.

"I really miss the gang and the amazing scripts and working on such a great character but I'm really excited to watch it now as a fan," she said.

BARRY KEOGHAN, AKA CAT KILLER WAYNE: Cat killer Wayne (below right) was seen trying to claw himself out of a sticky ending after getting clipped at the end of series four after his baby-faced pal Glen, played by Leroy Harris, double-crossed him. He has gone on to bigger and better things ever since, namely Trespass Against Us, which was filmed in the UK and co-starred Michael Fassbender, Brendan Gleeson and Love/Hate co-star Killian Scott.

He was also cast opposite Rachel Griffith from Six Feet Under fame in new flick Mammal as well as nabbing a part in Irish films Stay and the Belfast thriller '71.

Brian Gleeson, AKA Hughie Cue ball power: Although he was only in the first season, the character known as Cue Ball certainly left an impression. The goggle-eyed psychotic gang member was one man who certainly enjoyed a party. After pulling a gun on Tommy's pal JP for no apparent reason, he then decided to play a game of Russian Roulette with himself - and lost. Since his stint on the show, he went on to land a role in Hollywood blockbuster Snow White and the Huntsman. He was also in TV mini-series Quirke as well as a string of movies including The Batchelor Weekend, Serious Swimmers and History's Future. Last week, he confirmed he was going to star alongside his famous father Brendan Gleeson and brother Domhnall in a new production of the Walworth Farce by Enda Walsh.

PETER O'MEARA, AKA DENTIST ANDREW: Peter played the financially-stressed dentist Andrew who bit off more than he could chew after coming to the attentions of Nidge.

The actor, who was based in LA for 10 years, was suffocated by Fran in his own home in a gory climax to season four.

Since his untimely demise, he has gone on to play the part of former Finance Minister Brian Lenihan in RTE's mini-series Charlie. He's also in movies The Beautiful Ones and Trader, both due out in the New Year.

Love/Hate, Sunday at 9.30pm on RTE1

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