Wednesday 24 January 2018

Vogue Williams: I cried for hours over terrible Leaving Cert results



Vogue Williams has faced quite a few challenges in front of the TV cameras recently.

The model-turned-presenter has lived in the Central American jungle with Bear Grylls on Mission Survive, she's examined the afterlife and now she's going to relive everyone's worst nightmare by repeating the Leaving Cert on TV.

The Howth native will be investigating what it takes to do well in the national exam as part of her new Reality Bites programme for RTE2 called Vogue Does Straight As.

"It's all about school and the Leaving Cert, how people do well and all that," she told the Diary.

"It was really, really interesting to make actually. I did a Mensa test so I actually found out a lot of things about myself.

"I loved school - I probably loved it too much and that's why I was such a messer and didn't do particularly well. At least I enjoyed myself and drove some teachers mad along the way," she added.

The 28-year-old admitted she didn't do as well as she hoped when she sat her exams originally.

"I did sh*te in my Leaving Cert. I had architecture in Trinity - which was 580 points - down as my first choice and I got like 300 points in the end," she explained.

"Oh my God, I was bawling crying for an hour and then I went out with my friends.

"I was going to do a pre-college course but my stepdad got me into a course in Aberdeen in Scotland.

"I did construction design and management over there and then I came back and studied quantity surveying," she added.

While she's busy with her new show, Vogue has also announced that she will be expanding her blog to include more tips about nutrition and fitness.

Her website currently focuses on fashion and beauty but the model wants to give her readers an insight into her fitness regime.

The fashion lover - who was recently nominated for Best Dressed Woman at the Peter Mark VIP Style Awards - will also be judging Ladies' Day at Fairyhouse this Easter and is already contemplating what she will wear on the day.

"I'm a big fan of Lennon Courtney so I'll probably end up wearing something of theirs," she revealed.

"I know Brendan through a few TV things that we've done and they've just been so good to me and I love all their stuff."

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