Tuesday 15 January 2019

Virginia's fiance Kaste has previous drugs conviction

Virginia Macacri's fiance Kaste Dahl received an eight-year sentence for drug smuggling and possession of a firearm more than 10 years ago, it has emerged.

Dahl was given the sentence, with two years suspended, for his part in an attempt to smuggle 48.4kg of amphetamine and for being in possession of a gun, a Norwegian newspaper reported.

The European Court of Justice subsequently ruled Dahl and a co-accused were denied a fair trial, it is understood.

Details of the conviction emerged following a plea of guilty by Dahl in an Oslo court to fraud charges in connection with a holiday cabin development.

Socialite Virginia Macari (39), best known for TV3 shows Celebrity Salon and Dublin Wives did not respond to request for comment last night.

She met Dahl in Marbella in 2009 and the couple got engaged in May 2012. They have a two-year-old son, Thor. They moved back to Spain earlier this year but Dahl was deported back to Oslo in April to face fraud charges.

Morten Furuholmen, Dahl's defence lawyer in the fraud case, said the drugs charges were "a long time ago".

And Mr Furuholmen believes his client will now receive a pardon for the offences.

"He will probably not serve anything of that because it's so many years ago and we have asked for a pardon and they will probably accept that," the lawyer told the Herald.

Mr Furuholmen said the authorities "violated the routines" when it came to prosecuting the drugs case. To put Dahl in jail now for the crimes "would be incorrect", he added.

Asked whether it was something Dahl regretted, Mr Furuholmen said: "Oh yeah, of course, definitely. It's a lot of drugs but a lot of people were involved and they had different roles.


"The signals I have (is that) they will pardon him on that. I think that will definitely happen. It was a long time ago," he said.

"We will accept a sentence here (for the fraud) and hope it's as low as possible," he added.

The cabin project Dahl was involved in had a budget of NOK 150m (€18.45m). But the company heading up the scheme went bankrupt.

The 43-year-old confessed to 15 accounts of fraud relating to the purchase of land in Iveland in the southern tip of Norway.

Mr Furuholmen said: "According to the law (in Norway), it's enough if you put the creditor in fear (of losing) your money.

"You don't need to prove that they actually have lost money. It's enough that you put it in risk. That is enough to violate the law .

"Unfortunately, the project failed and - not only him, but other people too - have done mistakes definitely. But their intention was to complete a prosperous project and to refund and pay all the money back to the lenders. Unfortunately, it failed. They have never intentionally meant to conduct a fraud in this case."

Dahl's case will be heard in Oslo District Court in the autumn.


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