Friday 15 December 2017

Violent patient in AIDS threat to garda

A MAN who was refused admission to a Dublin hospital tried to bite a garda, telling the officer he would "give him AIDS", a court heard.

Glen O'Sullivan also trashed a photocopier, put his fist through a window and went "off his head" in two episodes at the hospital on the same night and made other patients' visits "miserable", a judge said.

He returned to the A&E department within hours despite being arrested, charged and bailed.

He was given a three-month suspended sentence when he admitted criminal damage and breach of the peace at St James's Hospital in the south inner city.

O'Sullivan, of Old Kilmainham Road, Dublin, pleaded guilty to the offences, which happened on August 22, 2011.

Dublin District Court heard Garda Elaine Carolan went to the hospital following a call.

O'Sullivan was being restrained by security staff, was very aggressive and stated that he was "hearing voices in his head telling him to do things".


He had kicked and punched a photocopier while a nurse was using it and was aggressive towards members of the public and staff.

Later, Garda Liam Booth went to the hospital and escorted O'Sullivan out.

On his way out, O'Sullivan walked over to the speech therapy centre and punched his fist through the window.

"He tried to bite me, he said 'I'll give you Aids, I have Hepatitis C'," the garda said.

O'Sullivan had gone to the hospital on the night and "they refused to take him in", his solicitor Conor Ruane said. "It's agreed by gardai that he wasn't in his right frame of mind."

The court heard the defendant had since been put on medication and was "doing extremely well".

"I have to deal with this on the basis that he has damaged property and acted the maggot," Judge Patrick Clyne said.

"There were other sick people in the A&E that night and he must have made their lives utterly miserable," he said.


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