Sunday 18 November 2018

Violent inmate demands €30k from Price gang

Price is serving three years.
Price is serving three years.

One of Ireland's most notorious jail inmates is under "severe pressure" from an extremely volatile south inner city prisoner, who is demanding he pays him €30,000.

The background to the dispute is a debt that the ultra-violent thug insists he is owed by associates of caged criminal Cornelius Price - after they allegedly killed a man who owed him money for drugs.

"The murdered man owed the cash to the south inner city criminal, who never got a chance to retrieve the money because the other gang had the man killed," a source said last night.

"Members of the gang, who have close links to Price, are now under threat from this criminal, who is a key member of a violent south inner city family whose members have been involved in murder and mayhem for decades.

"This might not end well at all and could lead to chaos both inside and outside the prison system. This fella is gunning for Price and he wants that cash."

Price (35) was jailed for three years in February after being convicted of reckless endangerment of a garda at Balbriggan Garda Station more than three years ago.

Price nearly struck the officer as he chased a man in a car "aggressively and dangerously" outside a garda station.

The terrified garda had to jump out of the way, later considered resigning from the force and still got "flashbacks and chills" whenever he passed the scene, the court heard.


Price's mob is suspected of involvement in three gangland murders.

His bitter rival is a 30-year-old career criminal who has the backing of a number of thugs from south inner city Dublin.

He cannot be named here for legal reasons but he is serving a lengthy sentence for violent disorder and threatening to kill a garda.

He has dozens of previous convictions, including for an incident in which a woman was set on fire, and a brawl at Mountjoy Prison which saw 16 prisoners injured.

The criminal is considered one of the most troublesome within the Irish jail system .

His rival Price has also had problems in jail and has been sent to Cork Prison from Wheatfield, but he is now back in the west Dubin facility.

His compound in Gormanston, Co Meath, has been the subject of major garda surveillance operations and has also been raided on a number of occasions.

In May, the Herald revealed that Price was caught with an illegal mobile phone in his Wheatfield cell, but he has not been formally disciplined over that indiscretion.

It was alleged Price was holding the phone when prison officers stormed his cell on May 7, and the phone and a charger were seized from the thug.

Weeks later, it emerged that gardai were investigating a major smuggling route into Wheatfield Prison after a criminal described as a "bungling fool" attempted to smuggle drugs and a mobile phone into the facility, only to forget the name of the person he was due to visit.

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