Thursday 20 September 2018

Vile child-killer Geary's only friend behind bars is twisted rapist Murray

Quadruple killer John Geary has made a friend in prison
Quadruple killer John Geary has made a friend in prison

Two of Ireland's most depraved criminals have become close friends behind bars after being shunned by other prisoners for their heinous crimes.

The Herald can reveal that twisted rapist Michael Murray and quadruple killer John Geary spend their spare time playing soccer together and jogging in the exercise yard.

The two thugs are loners in the Midlands Prison after being vilified by the general prison population and are now forced to rely on each other for company.

Murray (45) is serving a 15-year sentence after subjecting a mother to a violent 12-hour ordeal, during which she was raped and brutalised.

Child-killer Geary (41) is serving four life sentences after murdering his ex-partner Sarah Hines (25), their five-month-old daughter Amy, her brother Reece (3) and 20-year-old Alicia Brough.


All four were found dead at a house in Hazel Grove, Newcastle West, Co Limerick, on November 15, 2010.

Murray and Geary have become close friends since their incarceration after being shunned by other inmates.

The Herald can also reveal that Murray is "petrified" that his 15-year jail term will be extended for being "unduly lenient".

"They are both hugely unpopular with the lags and the staff due to the nature of their horrific crimes," a source told the Herald.

"Murray is also petrified that, after the DPP reviews his 15-year sentence on the grounds of being 'unduly lenient', he may get life. He is terrified of spending his life behind bars."

Convicted rapist Michael Murray is ‘petrified’ of his 15-year sentence being extended for being unduly lenient
Convicted rapist Michael Murray is ‘petrified’ of his 15-year sentence being extended for being unduly lenient

The source also stated that Murray is a "hypochondriac" who uses any excuse to be taken to the prison infirmary.

Geary was previously placed in the jail's protective custody after other inmates threatened to kill him for his crimes.

The Central Criminal Court heard gardai found two knives and a screwdriver at the scene of his attack - but believed up to five weapons had been used.

After killing the two children and two young women, Geary travelled by bus to Kilkee, Co Clare, where he checked into a guesthouse and had a drink at the bar.

After Geary received four life sentences in July 2013, Sarah's brother Christopher said: "I hope Geary sees their faces every day to remind him of the evil, cowardly crime he committed."

After murdering all four, Geary took the two lifeless toddlers upstairs, placed their bodies in a bed and then covered them with a duvet.

His new friend Murray, originally of Killiney Oaks, Killiney, Dublin, was found guilty in 2013 of carrying out what the prosecution described as a "terrifying ordeal of sexual depravity".

Murray had pleaded not guilty at the Central Criminal Court to charges including rape, attempted rape and aggravated sexual assault between February 12 and 13, 2010, in a Dublin city apartment.


He also denied child abduction, threats to kill or cause serious harm, false imprisonment, stealing a bank card and stealing cash from two ATMs.

Murray lured the woman into a city centre apartment owned by his wife's family by convincing her that an elderly woman needed her help.

Once inside, Murray took the woman's phone and demanded she have sex with him.

He then took her son to another room while she broke a glass bottle against the window to try and raise the alarm.

She said that, when he returned, she held a piece of the bottle to her throat and threatened to kill herself unless he let them go. This appeared to frighten him and he asked her to put down the glass. By this stage her throat was bleeding.

He also has 20 previous convictions, including aggravated burglary, robbery and possession of firearms.

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