Thursday 23 November 2017

Vietnam adoptions are given go-ahead

IRISH families will now be able to adopt Vietnamese children after a Government agreement.

Minister for Children Frances Fitzgerald said last night that her visit to the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi had been successful, with officials in the Socialist Republic confirming that they will ratify a child protection treaty, The Hague Convention.

More than 200 Irish couples had been at an early stage of the adoption process when the bilateral agreement ended in 2009.

Minister Fitzgerald said that the Asian country would ratify the Convention by February 1, paving the way for an agreement with Ireland.

She said: "I heard at first hand details of the programme of work that the Vietnamese Government has undertaken to complete the ratification of Hague and improve their systems for adoption.

"This process will see the Hague Convention enter into force in Vietnam on February 1 and this provides a basis on which to renew cooperation between Ireland and Vietnam on adoption.

"The Vietnamese Minister for Justice, Mr Ha Hung Cuong, asked me to convey to Irish families that Vietnam is ready to implement the Hague Convention and that it is the Vietnamese Government's desire to co-operate with Ireland over adoption of children for whom a suitable family cannot be found in Vietnam."

Ireland ratified the Hague Convention in 2010, which prevented couples from adopting in countries that had not yet signed the treaty including Vietnam, Russia and Ethiopia.

Ms Fitzgerald remarked that before the earlier agreement lapsed, around 800 Vietnamese children had been adopted by Irish families.


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