Sunday 25 February 2018

Victoria just loves little Harper's tomboy ways

Victoria Beckham has said her daughter Harper enjoys playing football, while son Brooklyn has worked in a cafe for two years.

The fashion designer, who has four children with husband David, was appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Speaking about their three-year-old daughter Harper, she said: "She's amazing. All the kids are amazing. I mean, they're really good kids. They work hard at school. They're happy, they're funny.

"She's a little tomboy. You know, she loves to wear little dresses, but then she loves to put her football boots on and get in the garden with her brothers and have a bit of rough and tumble, which is great."

Along with Harper, the couple also have 16-year-old Brooklyn, 12-year-old Romeo and 10-year-old Cruz.

DeGeneres asked the former Spice Girl about Brooklyn and his part-time job.

"Yeah, he's worked in the local cafe washing up dishes for the past two years, which I think is great. You know, for me and David, we work a lot, but the kids are everything to us," Victoria said.

The chat show host played a game with Posh in which she had to identify where exactly David's tattoos are.

The deal was that for each tattoo that she could match to the correct body part she was to win $1,000.

Beckham was unable to initially say exactly what order the names of their children were tattooed on her husband's back.

"I need to look at him more," she joked.

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