Monday 18 December 2017

Victim slashed by attacker demanding smoke

A YOUNG man was slashed with a Stanley knife after telling a stranger he didn't have a cigarette. The Bray native was in such shock after the attack that he thought the blood running down his back was water.

Kyle Clark (26) only realised he had been hit when his assailant starting stabbing him in the leg. He managed to chase the attacker away but the pain of his injuries increased so much that he was unable to speak when gardai came upon him stumbling and attempting to get help.

Mr Clarke, who works for a security company, had gone for a walk around 7.30pm on February 16, when a man around his age approached him for a cigarette.

"I was out walking [at Berryfield Lane] because I'm trying to lose a bit of weight when a guy stopped me, I told him I was not a smoker and we started chatting," Kyle told the Herald.

"I'm a very friendly person, I'd talk the hind legs off a donkey so I didn't think there was anything unusual.


"He asked me about my tattoos and I told him I was covered in them, then I lifted my T-shirt to show him the portrait of my grandfather on my shoulder and as I was explaining it to him, I felt like a trickle or something. I wasn't in pain at that stage, then the man started laughing, and I was still talking about my tattoos. I showed him the one I had on my leg which took three-and-a-half hours to make and that's when I saw that he had a knife, he cut me twice and he was about to go a third time.

"I grabbed him with my left hand and I hit him with my right hand but because I had my leg up on a rock, I was unbalanced so I went to the ground and he ran away through a field.

"That's when I went into shock, I realised there was blood on my back everywhere and I started feeling pain."

Kyle recalled his attacker was wearing a hoodie, tracksuit bottoms and that he was 5ft 8in tall and around 16st.

When the pain of his injuries finally registered, Kyle recalled that he "couldn't talk" and he "walked like a drunken man".

Kyle was brought to the A&E in St Columcilles Hospital, in Loughlinstown where he was attended by a nurse and a doctor who closed his wound.


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