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Victim knifed in street over claims he went to slain Lawlor's funeral


Gardai at the scene of the attack in Darndale yesterday

Gardai at the scene of the attack in Darndale yesterday

Gardai at the scene of the attack in Darndale yesterday

A 38-year-old man who was stabbed multiple times in both legs and suffered a broken nose was accused by a gang of thugs of attending the funeral of slain hitman Robbie Lawlor.

The victim, who is well known to gardai and from Darndale, was being treated at Beaumont Hospital last night for his non-life threatening injuries.

The shocking attack happened at Marigold Park in Darndale shortly before 1pm yesterday.

Sources said last night that a gang of ruthless teenage crack cocaine dealers, led by a thug with close links to murdered gun victim David 'Fred' Lynch, were behind the vile attack.


"A lot of this crew openly celebrated the death of Robbie Lawlor last month. They hated him. They held street parties after he was shot dead," a source said last night.

"In fact they are the same gang who robbed a pair of flip flops from Lawlor in an incident last December and then goaded him on social media.

"Now they have taken it upon themselves to attack anyone they think was associated with Lawlor and that man was stabbed and beaten yesterday after they accused him of attending Lawlor's funeral in Laytown."

A garda spokesman told the Herald: "Shortly before 1pm a male in his 30s sustained injuries during an altercation with a number of other males in the Marigold Park, Darndale.

"He was taken by ambulance to Beaumont Hospital for treatment to apparent leg injuries. It's understood he sustained a stab wound to his leg.

"His injuries are not thought to be life-threatening."

There have been no arrests in the case but officers believe that the prolific young gang who were feuding with Lawlor before he was murdered in Belfast were behind the attack.

One of the main players in the mob is a teenager who was closely linked to David 'Fred' Lynch, who gardai believe was shot dead by reputed gangland hitman Lawlor in 2009.

The volatile teenager was shot twice in the stomach as he sat in a car on Fairlawn Road in Finglas at 10pm on Saturday, March 14.

No arrests have been made so far in that case and sources say the teenager, who has multiple gangland enemies, is refusing to co-operate with gardai.

The young criminal spent a number of weeks being treated at St Vincent's Hospital for horrific injuries, including to his liver, but was discharged in time to celebrate the murder of Lawlor with his thug pals.

He cannot be named because he is facing serious criminal charges before the courts.

The teenage suspect from Darndale has been investigated but not arrested in relation to two gangland murders that happened in his locality last summer.

One of these cannot be outlined here for legal reasons but the other is the fatal shooting of Iranian national Hamid Sanambar (41), who was shot dead outside the family home of slain Sean Little last May.


He is also being investigated for the gangland murder of Lawlor's key ally and brother-in-law Richie Carberry (39) in Bettystown, Co Meath, in November.

The man who was attacked yesterday has a number of previous convictions and is known to gardai. It is unclear whether he actually attended Lawlor's funeral last month.

The stabbing happened just hours after PSNI detectives carried out further searches in the Ardoyne area of Belfast in relation to the brutal gun murder of Lawlor (36) on the morning of April 4.

There have been no charges but five arrests in the PSNI probe into the brutal gun murder of the notorious gangland hitman.