Saturday 19 January 2019

Victim - I feared for my life in gun theft

A YOUNG man has told of his shock at being robbed by a gang with a sawn-off shotgun on the side of a Malahide road.

Aodhan Coughlan (26) was walking home with a female friend after a night out when they were confronted the shot-gun wielding thug who threatened to blow his kneecaps off.

The incident began at around 6am on Saturday morning, when the black four-seater car - believed to be a Japanese import with a spoiler - pulled up beside the pair at the entrance to Seamount Road.

There were two men inside the car and one of them asked Aodhan for a cigarette.

"My friend offered him the box and he just took the whole thing. Then he opened the glove box and pulled out the sawn-off shotgun," Aodhan explained.


"He didn't even cover his face or anything. He got out of the car and stood there with the gun.

"He stood in front of us and said 'Give us everything or I'll blow your f***ing kneecaps off'," Aodhan remembered.

"My friend was very shaken. She had never seen a gun before. I hoped he wouldn't fire because we were on a public street, but you can't take that chance.

"It is fair to say we both feared for our lives," he added.

Aodhan said the driver of the car seemed reticent about the robbery and urged his associate to get back into the car.

"It was the passenger of the car that led things from the beginning, he was a complete loose cannon," he said.

He showed the thug he had no money but the gunman then stole his phone, his female pal's iPhone and €30 she had.

"He kept on looking for everything I had and I ended up giving him coins, but the whole time the driver was screaming at him to get back in the car," said Aodhan.

Aodhan said the raiders got about only about €1.50 in change from him but said there were "sentimental" items in his wallet that they took.

"It was so random and bizarre, the guy didn't even cover his face," said Aodhan.

"They didn't get much out of it but they really acted so recklessly. I'd say they were on drink or drugs," he added.

A Garda spokesman confirmed that officers in Malahide are investigating the incident.


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