Sunday 24 February 2019

Vicky's daughter meets superstar Ed backstage

Vicky Phelan's daughter Amelia met her idol Ed Sheeran when the pop superstar was in Cork over the weekend.

Vicky posted a picture (left) of her daughter beaming beside the singer on Twitter yesterday, where she thanked Will Hanafin and Ray D'Arcy for organising the special meet-up.

Amelia was already going to one of Sheeran's three gigs in Cork over the weekend but the concert became extra special when she got to meet the singer backstage.

Vicky's bravery in exposing the cervical cancer scandal while battling the illness has been lauded all over the country.

She has said that it was "a nice feeling" to know she was "doing some good" as people got in touch to offer thanks.


"People are calling me a national hero and I'm not really comfortable with it but at the same time, it is a nice feeling to know I am doing some good, beyond what I had ever imagined," she said.

She also said that another source of strength for her has been in helping other women with cervical cancer, and in some cases, the families of women who have died.

"I am trying to keep on top of my messages at the moment," she said.

"I'm getting actually thousands of messages from well-wishers, which is lovely.

"I will read every one of them when I get the time.

"I'm trying to actually go through them at the moment to make sure I am replying to women and the husbands of women who have died, because they are the ones that I need to prioritise at the moment."

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