Friday 22 March 2019

Vicks recall nasal spray

Thousands of Vicks nasal sprays are being recalled in three different countries, but Irish consumers do not need to worry about being affected.

The Vicks Sinex Nasal Spray product is being withdrawn amid fears that it contains dangerous bacteria B cepacia.

This can cause serious infections in people with a weak immune system or with lung conditions.

Routine testing in Germany showed that some batches of the spray could contain the bacteria and has resulted in the products being recalled.

But Proctor and Gamble, the product's manufacturer, has assured Irish consumers that the recall does not concern them, as none of the suspected packs was shipped to Ireland.

A spokesperson for Proctor and Gamble said: "None of the batches affected by the recall was shipped to Ireland."

The company added that no one has fallen ill from the sprays.

In total, 120,000 of the sprays are being recalled in the US, Germany and Britain, according to reports.


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