Saturday 23 March 2019

Use our water wisely, some people don't have any

Water tank in Skerries. Photo: Marek Biegalski.
Water tank in Skerries. Photo: Marek Biegalski.

Turn off your taps, stop watering the garden and - for the sake of neighbourly relations - break out the dry shampoo quick.

In case you've been busy dodging rainstorms across Europe, Ireland has been experiencing a heatwave and we're almost out of water.

Think I'm kidding? Unlike big cities such as London or LA, our reservoirs start to run short after about a week of heat. We're so unprepared for a spike in temperature that it's a joke.

Broken pipes and a lack of foresight are the main causes of water shortages in this country. Big executive salaries and expensive logos at Irish Water have taken priority instead, but I may have mentioned that before.

Mud slinging aside - not that there's much mud to be found now - but we Dubs need to pull together and support our friends in Skerries and the surrounding towns.


They have no water. They've barely had a proper service for 18 months. Can you imagine trying to run a business or take care of a young family with no water in your taps?

Small changes by the rest of us can make a huge difference to others. Try recycling old water to nourish your hanging baskets. Maybe don't flush the toilet every time you go, and maybe you could shower with a friend.

OK, I'm pushing the boundaries with that last one, and I'd be a hypocrite not to mention I've been hosing my dogs down every day.

However, I don't let my taps run and I did invest in more water butts this week to harvest rain.

We must help others not as fortunate.

Water may surround us, but we've very little to drink.

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