Sunday 18 November 2018

US pastors condemn Hozier's 'church' hit

Hozier has been on the receiving end of "choice words" from US pastors over anti-religious sentiments expressed in his hit song Take Me to Church.

But the Bray singer said he hasn't received any backlash in Ireland where "there weren't too many people who were coming out swinging for the church" in light of reports into clerical sex abuse of children.

"In America, I've never been approached or received hate mail, but I've had a few delightful open letters from pastors who have a few choice words to say," he said.

"But the song isn't about Baptist or evangelical Christianity, it references more to the Catholic church," he told the Guardian newspaper.

The 25-year-old also spoke of his friendship with American superstar singer Taylor Swift who, he revealed, came to one of his shows.

"She was very supportive from early on, tweeting about the music," said Hozier.

"I met her and she's very funny - she's got a good sense of humour."

He also reminisced about his all-time favourite festival memory from Oxegen in 2006.

"I waited in the pit for a good eight hours to see James Brown. He was on form, man, it was the year he died and he had an enormous band and all those dancers with him," he said.


Hozier is the star of this year's festival circuit at home, playing Slane and Longitude in Dublin's Marlay Park.

He said writing his second album is "tricky".

"I try to keep a guitar with me everywhere I go and just keep ideas flowing, cooking I suppose," he said.

"I'm always thinking about the next album, what shape it will take, but we'll have to wait and see."

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