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Urban gardeners can get planting as 112 
allotments break new ground for residents

it’s time to get digging for more than 100 urban residents who have been given their own allotment.

Dublin City Council has allocated the allotments and a community garden to the residents of the north-central area, with over half the plots going to people living in Belmayne and Clongriffin.

Dave Dinnigan, an executive manager with the council, said: “We have literally broken new ground with 112 very nicely 
constructed allotments in a newly developed urban setting.

“There has been a huge appetite for allotments in this lush green pocket in Belmayne.”

Mr Dinnigan said that people had jumped at the opportunity.

A feasibility study was made on allotment facilities on council lands in Belmayne as a result of an initiative by the then Lord Mayor Naoise O Muiri.

After consultation with local groups it became clear that there was a keen interest in developing allotments in the area.

The chosen site, which is the council lands in Belmayne, 
measures 810 square metres, or just over two acres.

A total of 68 of the plots measure 63 square metres, and 44 plots measure 30 square metres.

All the successful applicants have been issued with an ll-months licence to manage their plot following a lottery earlier in the year.

Meanwhile, the community garden has been licensed to Cluid Housing Association, which has taken the lease on behalf of the residents of the apartments that overlook the site.

They will be allowed the freedom to develop and use the community garden, as many of the families have no access to a garden.

Allotments have proven hugely popular in the city. Gardening has proven to be an enjoyable outdoor activity for many, allowing people the opportunity to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

The council operates a number of allotments at various locations in the city.

When it introduced allotments in St Anne’s Park four years ago, a staggering 559 people applied for just 90 allotments.

A draw had to be held to pick the successful names, such was the huge interest in the project.