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Universities support grieving students

the heads of third-level institutions whose students were affected by the Berkeley tragedy have expressed their sense of loss and determination to provide ongoing support to them both at home and in Berkeley.

Victims of the horrific incident - both the fatalities and survivors - attended UCD, Trinity College, DCU, DIT, the Institute of Art, Design and Technology, and NUI Galway.

University chiefs from all six institutions wrote today about the tragedy.

"We are acutely aware that close friends and students who witnessed the accident are also deeply affected by the trauma.

"For most of these young people, this is their first experience of the loss of a friend and it can be difficult to deal with such an experience," they wrote in a letter to The Irish Times.

"Over the past week we have been struck by how well our students have provided support for one another. They have come together in groups and wrapped comforting arms around those who are suffering.

"Our support services are available to provide counselling and ongoing support," they added.