Tuesday 25 September 2018

Under-40s pull many more sickies


Younger people are twice as likely to call in sick and nearly four times as likely to fake an illness for a day off work, research has found.

While just under half (44pc) of those aged 20 to 39 admitted lying to their boss and pulling a sickie in the past five years, only 12pc of those aged over 50 had done so.

A quarter (26pc) of the older generation said they had taken an actual day off sick in the past year, compared with 53pc of those aged 20 to 29.

Out of 2,000 people in a poll for insurance firm RIAS, 29pc of those aged 20 to 39 said they see sick leave as an extra holiday that they deserve, a comment that only 4pc of the over-50s agreed with.

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