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Una jetting in for Voice auditions

Voice of Ireland coach Una Foden is jetting back into Dublin this week to film the next stage of reality TV show.

The Blind Auditions took place last month and now the judges are gearing up for the battles where acts from the same team will compete against each other to remain in the competition.

"So excited for RTE The Voice battles this weekend at the Helix! There is such a high standard of talent. Who's coming down?" she wrote online.

Una (33), currently expecting her second child, said that her pregnancy won't get in the way of filming.

"I'm in a really good stage of pregnancy at the moment, I've got lots of energy and I'm used to long days," she told the Diary.

"There's the battles in November and then there's actually nothing again until after the baby is born and they get a lot of content from the battles and the blind auditions and we go away for a few days as well," she added.

Meanwhile, there is good news for her fellow judge Kian Egan, his wife Jodie Albert is expecting their second child next year.