Saturday 16 December 2017

UN team probe on Haiti cholera

United Nations investigators took samples of foul-smelling waste trickling behind a Nepalese peacekeeping base in Haiti amid claims that sewage from the newly arrived unit caused the cholera epidemic.

At least 300 have died and more than 4,700 people are in hospital.

Mission spokesman Vincenzo Pugliese confirmed that the military team was testing for cholera.

It was the first public acknowledgement that the 12,000-member force was directly investigating allegations that its base played a role in the outbreak.

Work out cost of new baby

A baby budget planner for parents-to-be to calculate the cost of an infant's first year was launched today.

The National Consumer Agency published a planner on its website to help first-time parents draw up a realistic budget.

Chief executive Ann Fitzgerald said www.itsyourmoney.ie features initial expenses as well as other ongoing costs such as childcare.

"First-time parents often don't know what they need to budget for and can feel pressurised into buying the best of everything for their new arrival," she said.

Mind your eyes at Halloween

An eye expert warned that Halloween traditions like apple bobbing could leave people with a different kind of treat this weekend -- treatment in hospital.

Parwez Hossain, a consultant ophthalmologist, said that every year he sees children and adults pick up scratches, infections and other eye injuries from hitting an apple at force when dunking their heads into a bowl of water to take a bite.

He said: "We are not telling people to avoid fun, but we are asking people to take a bit of extra care."

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