Sunday 26 May 2019

UN joins DCU bid to beat the cyberbullies

Professor Brian MacCraith.
Professor Brian MacCraith.

One of the country's leading universities has teamed up with the United Nations in a major new initiative to tackle bullying in schools and online.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) has agreed to establish a Chair at DCU in a significant international research collaboration to tackle this growing epidemic.

The Unesco Chair on Tackling Bullying in Schools and Cyberspace will initially run for four years. It will involve researchers and academics in Ireland and across the world working together to document incidents of bullying and violence in schools.


The work of the new Chair will include measuring the international extent of bullying and developing measures aimed at preventing bullying and providing adults with guidelines on how to intervene to prevent harmful practices arising in the school environment.

It will also deliver a range of reports on bullying and associated recommendations.

"This agreement is a significant development reflecting a concerted global effort to combat the harm caused by bullying in schools and bullying in cyberspace," said the president of Dublin City University, Professor Brian MacCraith.

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